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Best Home Pool Tables 2021

The three main factors that determine our editor’s scores are value, durability, and quality.

Best Home Pool Tables Editor Score Price
#1. Hathaway Fairmont Portable Pool Tables 9/10 Check Price Here
#2. Fat Cat Trueshot Billiard Table 9/10 Check Price Here
#3. Harvil Beachcomber Indoor Pool Table 8.7/10 Check Price Here
#4. Barrington Billiards Hawthorne Table 8.5/10 Check Price Here
#5. Fat Cat Tucson MMXI Pool Game Table 8.5/10 Check Price Here

There are several features to consider when you are planning to purchase a pool tables for home. You need to look into the level, slate, quality, felt, pockets, warranty railings, and cushions before shortlisting a pool table for your home. In addition, you also need to consider parameters such as space constraints and your budget before finalizing a pool tables for your home.

A level surface is crucial for great gameplay. Certain pool tables come with adjustments on their legs that ensure leveling. You also need to look into the quality before actually settling for a pool table. Opt for solid hardwood pool tables as these are durable although a little heavier. Look for tables with support beams and also look for a slate that is backed by at least ¾ inch of supporting wood.

Opt for rails that have been crafted from hardwood. The harder the wood is going to be, the lesser vibration would occur upon ball contact. If you are purchasing a pool tables with a laminated surface, then make sure that it is a high-pressure laminate. Cushions made from canvas backing would ensure that it would adhere to the rail.

pool tables with pockets

Always opt for pool tables with pockets made from soft rubberized plastic. If you opt for hard plastic pockets, then it can break with regular use quite easily. Warranty is also another factor that should not be ignored while purchasing a pool table. You must always choose a design that comes with a solid warranty. A well-built pool table usually comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Do not forget to look into the space constraints at your home where you wish to place your pool table. You do not just need table space but also need to consider the space surrounding the table so that you can play your shots easily without touching the ceiling or the walls. You must aim for a minimum clearance of five feet from all the sides of the table.

Best Pool Tables for Home 2021

These are in-depth reviews of all the best home pool tables mentioned in the table at the beginning of this post.

#1. Hathaway Fairmont Portable Pool Table

This unique 6-ft table has been designed specifically for smaller spaces. However, do not let yourself be fooled with its compact size.

This pool table features rails of 5-inch wide wrapped in fast action cushions and black melamine. The play surface is covered in blended wool cloth of high quality.

Hathaway Fairmont is supported entirely with strong metal folding legs. The levels are easier to store as well as set up in this pool table. Hours of competitive play and fun are promised to both adults and children by this table.

It comes with all the necessary pool table accessories and a convenient nylon rip-resistant storage/carry bag.

Hathaway Fairmont pool table is easy to transport. It comes with foldable steel legs which ensure easy storage and transportation. It comes with a nylon bag that keeps your table safe and secure while on the go.

This family-friendly pool table is also perfect for kids who want to learn the basics of the game. The simple and high-quality construction of this pool table makes it a perfect addition to any office, gym or game room.

The best thing about Hathaway Fairmont pool table is that no assembly is needed. All the player needs to do is unfold the legs and get the fun rolling.

This table comes with chalk, a racking triangle, and 48-inch cue balls. What is spectacular about this table is the 180-day manufacturer warranty offered by the manufacturers.

This pool table is a classic example of modern machinery and superior-quality construction.


  •     Use of high-quality wool on the surface promises a near true shot
  •     Folding legs are advantageous for those looking to save space
  •     Backed by a 6-month manufacturer
  •     Sturdy pool table offering quality rebound action


  •     Not an ideal table for those expecting a professional pool playing experience
  •     Leveling may be an issue when it comes to this table


#2. Fat Cat Trueshot Billiard Table

The innovative design of Fat Cat Trueshot Billiard table along with its stunning portability makes it a favorite amongst those planning to purchase a pool table for their homes.

Those who have space constraints would absolutely love this table. The sleek black cloth easily complements any room décor.

High-quality materials are utilized for designing this lightweight and portable billiard table without compromising with the strength.

The Trueshot billiard table.

The Trueshot billiard table.

The Trueshot billiard table comes with foldable legs which can prove to be a boon for those looking for portability and compactness in design.

The entire package comes with 2 pieces of chalk, a billiard ball set, a triangle, rail brush, and 2 cues.

This classic billiard table is a perfect solution for any small apartment. Despite the size, the strength of the table has not been compromised by the manufacturers. The surface of this table ensures fast and smooth gameplay.

Safety is promised to the users in the Trueshot Billiard Table in the form of locking legs. Although the size of this pool table is compact, it certainly adds a lot of versatility to its design.

This table is not appropriate for advanced players. You can easily carry it to your friend’s house for a party because of its portability factor.


  •     Compact design permits the players to indulge in the game despite space constraints
  •     Folding legs help in easy storage of this pool table
  •     Comes with an entire set of cue sticks, a rail brush, a triangle, a billiard ball set and 2 pieces of chalk
  •     Locking legs ensure safety when not in use


  •     The size is not that of a standard pool table
  •     Not ideal for professionals


#3. Harvil Beachcomber Indoor Pool Table

Built impressively with a unique design, the Harvil Beachcomber Indoor Pool table features a relaxed design.

It is made of dense fibrous wood and a smooth playing surface made of Tetolon fabric. The features of this indoor pool table are practical and useful. Care has been exercised not to miss even the finest details.

The leg panels, leg levels, and the rubber bumpers promise a smooth gaming experience and a remarkable ball bounce.

The Harvil Beachcomber pool table comes with a clear assembly manual and with free accessories. You can easily set up the table by following the precise instructions mentioned in the manual.

The table comes with 2 chalks, a black triangle, 2 cue sticks, a cue ball, and 16 billiard balls. A brush is also provided with the package to keep the playing surface clean.

The stylish wood grain finish and the use of dense fiberwood render the design sturdy and sophisticated.

The sturdy legs and leg levelers ensure that the table remains stable regardless of the indoor surface on which it rests. This Harvil pool table can be assembled quickly and is ideal for indoors.

The Harvil pool table would be offered to you with all the necessary parts and without any defect.

If by any chance you are provided with a defective part, then the company would ship an entirely new table or replacement parts to the manufacturer.

You would be provided a refund if you are not fully satisfied with the offering. All purchases come with a one-year guarantee. The company would replace or repair defective parts at no cost to the buyer.


  •     Exquisite and elegant designing
  •     The table is more durable due to its detailed design
  •     Backed by 100% money back guarantee
  •     The playing surface ensures that the ball glides easily over the surface
  •     Two chalks, one cue ball, two cue sticks, a triangle, and 16 billiard balls are included


  •     Several users of this table believe that a lot of work needs to be done to keep the legs of this pool table properly aligned.

#4. Barrington Billiards Hawthorne Table

This premium billiard table features a sophisticated and durable construction. This stunning.

Table has been crafted from the finest wood and features a deep cherry-colored veneer finish. This renders it resistant to scratching and also preserves the overall appearance and quality of the table throughout.

Consistent ball bounce in the game is promised by the K-66 bumper guards.

Apart from the gameplay features, the Barrington Billiards premium billiard table also doubles as an ornament in your interiors regardless of you placing it in a basement or game room.

It has the potential to change your interior immediately. The timeless claw leg and ball design are what you must look out for. The traditional style drop pockets are provided conveniently to capture the balls.

The intricately designed parlor style pockets impart a sophisticated design to this billiard table.

This premium billiard table features.

Long lasting. Durability is. Promised by Barrington billiard table with its green felt surface and rich wood-tone finish. It delivers.

A classic. Feel that. Is generally. Exuded by professional-grade tables. The resilient deck of 18mm promotes regulation-style and smooth gameplay.

This 22-piece set comes with an 84” table, 1 cue ball, 15 numbered balls, 1 triangle rack, 2 chalk cubes, and 2 cue sticks.

High-quality materials. Are. Utilized. For crafting. This premium. Barrington Billiards. Pool table. A 30-day. Money back guarantee Is Offered.

To the players. This is owing to the faith that the manufacturers have in their design. If due. To some. Reasons the. Product fails. To live.


  •     Assembly is quick and direct
  •     Features a straightforward ball recovery framework
  •     Exemplary drop pockets
  •     Strong deck bolster
  •     Comes as a 22-piece set with all the necessary accessories
  •     Backed by 30-day money back guarantee


  •     The particle. Board is. Made from plastic
  •     Few users find leveling an issue

#5. Fat Cat Tucson MMXI Pool Game Table

The Fat Cat Tucson Billiard Table is a seven-foot-long table featuring an 1800 MDF play area along with elastic guards.

The MDF material is strong and tough. With the drop pockets and the level surface, it offers ball recovery capabilities. A chalkboard, numbered balls, cue sticks, and triangle are all included on this table.

The Fat Cat Tucson Billiard Table features elastic guards which promise a quick bounce back of balls. The use of blue polyester fabric ensures quick and smooth development of balls. The drop. Pockets are.

Pleasantly composed. The overall designing renders this pool table sturdy. This billiard. Table features. A cutting-edge. Smooth design. 

Embellished with addition of a chalkboard, numbered balls, cue sticks, and triangles. Additional security is also provided by the table’s two expansive legs on either side.

Despite the sweltering weather, the elastic feet keep the table from moving. The surface layer is provided with a moisture-resistant membrane under the polyester fabric.

The sleek black rails and vibrant sapphire hue makes a bold statement. If you want to just uplift the look of your game room, then the addition of the Fat Cat Tucson Billiard Table is all you must consider.

The rails feature eighteen frost-toned circles located systematically around the table, which players can use to align their shots perfectly during the course of the game.

The rubber bumpers ensure the powerful momentum of the balls. These have. Also been. Engineered to absorb minimal energy thereby promising greater precision.

This pool table comes with an entire set of accessories. It includes a set of 2 ¼” billiard balls, two 57” billiard cues, a resin triangle and two pieces of chalk.

The distinct billiard table

The distinct billiard table featuring arcade style would make a great addition to your indoor environment.

The electric-blue playing surface renders the design quite stylish. This pool table promises easy ball return. It is. Equipped with rubber bumpers, leg levelers and ¾” MDF playing surface for keeping your pool table firm even while placed on uneven flooring.


  •     Stylishly designed pool table
  •     Great dependability owing to the elastic feet
  •     Comes with all the necessary accessories
  •     Rubber feet ensure steadiness during the course of the game
  •     Features an automatic ball return framework


  •     According to a few users, this pool table is quite difficult to assemble
  •     May require some amount of leveling

Picking the best pool table for home is easy when you look at all the factors as well as go through pros & cons of each product, although you can trust out editor scores as we have rated these top home pool tables depending on number of factors & by far these are the best products that you get this year.

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