Apple faces a lot of rumors from its Apple’s AR/VR Rumor headsets that the company does not confirm or deny. Currently, there are talks that they have completed production tests that could mean a lot to the development of the device. Especially as it is coming up with the Apple event for the showcase event spring this March.

However, it may be too early to release an AR headset for the upcoming rollout.

It has completed the production tests for Apple’s AR/VR headset

According to a report by Mac Rumors, Apple has completed production testing of the AR/VR headset it developed in the company’s R&D framework, which remains a secret. There are no accept any device to from the Cupertino duplicate and some reports cast doubt on its 2022 release.

Mac Rumors says that the preliminary report comes from DigiTimes’ “Pre-Press Release” report. That only shows completed production tests of the headset. DigiTimes doesn’t share any more details here, but it does indicate that. It has passed the design and development feature and could go into production this year.

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Apple AR/VR: Will It Be This 2022?

A Bloomberg report refutes the arrival of Apple’s AR/VR headset for 2022, saying that the company will now face production issues. It is known that the world implements a system chip crisis. That affects the performance of devices using the internet or functions from the system run by computers. It can be a key factor in its manufacturing process.

Apple’s joint venture in AR and VR

The non-Apple supermarket is a no-go for the company. That will only focus on the Apple’s AR/VR Rumor devices they will bring to work for the various proposals in the industry. Apple predicts that it will only focus on one AR/VR device. participate in it.

Current Apple CEO Tim Cook acknowledges “capacity”. In the metaverse and will only invest in technology when it sees a partnership or is worthwhile. Additionally, Apple has implemented over 14,000 apps in the App Store that use ARKit for iOS development, focusing on its future.

Although there is no recognition for Apple’s AR/VR Rumor venture. Apple is working a lot on the variant of augmented performance that becomes. the focus of the company on its applications and priorities. Apple events.

Reports say that Apple has completed its production tests, but it could still face many problems or worse, be a wreck of AR/VR development.


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