To earn money from playing About Axie Infinity video games has always been the dream of every player. Sadly, this dream has become a reality for many people in the e-sports market, which is now a multimillion-dollar industry.

The cryptocurrency boom and the use of the Blockchain in many cryptocurrency areas have led to the creation of other types of video games.

They are called “play-to-earn” games. Did you know that many gamers have quit their jobs just to play video games at home? Do you realize how much money these gamers are making through this?

This is what Axie Infinity was designed to be-a a play-to-earn, a digitally based game that operates on a decentralized ecosystem.

Axie Infinity’s NFT and ERC-20 tokens are likely credited with the latest uptrend in the cryptocurrency market.

How does About  Axie Infinity work?

The game Axie Infinity features customizable fantasy creatures that you can train for battle.

However, it runs on a blockchain. Axis, tokenized creatures unique to Axie Infinity, are created and exchanged to earn players.

Founded by Vietnam -based startup Sky Mavis, Axie Infinity is one of the most popular Ethereum -based NFT projects, with more than 300,000 active users daily

This is one of the most popular NFT games to come out in 2021.

If you’re a regular player who constantly contributes to the platform by stimulating interaction, you can earn rewards with Axie Infinity Shard (AXS) and Smooth Love Potion (SLP) tokens.

If you are not in the game, you can still buy tokens from the cy cryptocurrency exchange.

There have been many blockchain-based pay-to-win games developed in recent years, but Axie Infinity offers a totally new concept.

Axie, the game’s cute pet, has over 500 customizable parts that are sure to keep you entertained for hours.

There are an infinite number of combinations to conquer your enemies and alter your strategies until you win.

Axie Infinity Highlights

Here’s what you can do when you play Axie Infinity:

Axies can engage in battles for rewards.

Combining genes, axes produce offspring with unique abilities and weaknesses.

As with humans, they have lands and homes of their own. The world they inhabit, however, is virtual. Using the resources available on the platform, axies can be purchased and redeemed over time.

Xie Infinity delivers a decentralized marketplace for the exchange of NFTs.

Axes currently sell between 200 and 300 ETH. Game tokens and NFTs are driven by the potential revenue generated by platforms. Axie Infinity exchanged more than 90,000 ETH on the domestic market.

Major investors supported Sky Mavis’ $ 7.5 million raise in May 2021. The protocol with the most gains in July 2021 is Axie Infinity.

With a mission to drive the adoption of blockchain technology through entertainment and recreation, Axie Infinity brings the gaming experience to the world of cryptocurrencies.

About Axie Infinity Use Cases and AXS Tokens

  1. Managing

AXS tokens are primarily used for management.

In Axie Infinity, players and token holders manage the platform, not developers as in traditional games.

‘The Community Treasury’, is another project he has in the works to add value to the Axie community and distribute it back to AXS stickers.

  1. Payments

In-game purchases can be made easier with the AXS token.

NFT is accepted as currency on Axie. Additionally, it will take you to some of the team’s sales and auctions.

You will be eligible for these events based on the number of tokens you possess.

  1. Staking

AXS can focus on the Axie Infinity protocol for weekly rewards and voting for management.

As a result, staking will encourage users to keep their tokens and support the growth of the gaming ecosystem.

As well as playing, focusing, and voting in Axie Infinity, you can earn AXS.

Your game experience and participation in community events determine how many reward tokens you will receive. The distribution of rewards is halted during this period.

How to make money in the game Axie Infinity

In the Axie Infinity game, you can earn money in many different ways. The most obvious being, of course, playing.

In order to become a player, you must have at least 3 Axies.

It costs anywhere from $ 600 to $ 800 dollars today. If you join, you will be able to earn AXS and SLP tokens by training your Axies.

Axies can also be created with new powers and attributes so that you can spawn more of them.

To enter the gaming industry, you can apply for scholarships if you don’t have start-up capital.

It is a program in which people who do not have time or skills to play will assign the task to experienced players.

Basically, it’s a business partnership. In other words, as players invest their time in a game, the owners invest their money.

Each reward generated in the game is divided according to the agreement reached between the parties.

Save your Axies

If you think Axie Infinity is here to stay, like the legendary Pokémon and Minecraft series, you can speculate on the rare Axies.

If you think the price is low, buy these Axies and hold them in your inventory until the token reaches the right price for you to sell it.

Choosing a fractional is a good option if you cannot keep Axies rare. Unavailable tokens are split into fungible ERC-20 tokens for collective ownership.

With Axie Infinity, you can earn revenue in a variety of ways. Depending on the amount of time and money you have to invest, you can choose a strategy that is right for you.

Although the game takes up a lot of your time and you earn between $ 7 to $ 40 dollars a day, based on your experience and initial investment, by offering a scholar, you can make up to 70 percent of the scholar’s income.

As well, multiple scholars can be given 3 Axies each. This will create a huge stream of passive income.

Benefit from the Axie Infinity game

Creation is profitable when Axies, AXS tokens, and SLP tokens are priced at a profit. Increasing the prices of the three tokens will make the creation extremely profitable.

When the Axie price rises while the AXS and SLP are in a downtrend, the fascination with creation increases.

The Axie price is not flowing or on a trend, and when the AXS and SLP prices are up, breeding may not be a viable option.

Choosing your strategies, keep an eye on the market. You can also mix them to lower your risks.

If your first attempt fails, others will follow. Due to the volatile nature of the crypto market, it is always good to keep in mind that you should only allocate a small part of your portfolio to gambling.

The Axie Infinity game is here to stay

Video games are one of the most profitable segments in today’s cryptocurrency industry. The growth of NFTs has transformed video games with in-game assets and collections.

With a solid white paper explaining well-defined paths and techniques, Axie Infinity has a long-term vision.

Blockchain and gaming experts are leading the project. In addition, it ranks among the top cryptocurrency games in terms of market capitalization.

Axie Infinity is a fantastic game project to invest in, taking all the aforementioned factors into account.

You can focus on short-term or long-term growth. In the future, AXS tokens will be able to reach new heights if the project successfully follows your white paper vision and roadmap.

What Should You Know Before Playing Axie Infinity (AXS)?

Even before this game, its concept continued to shine. Its players earn cryptocurrency tokens in the game that they can trade on any decentralized exchange to earn money.

Axie Infinity players have cute creatures called Axies. Each Axie is an NFT or non-fungible token. This is a unique digital collectible. Its players can breed or fight their Axies and can complete quests and farm resources.

This game has an economy called Lucia. Here, players can use their in-game tokens AXS (Axie Infinity Shard) or SLP (Smooth Love Potion) to buy land, farm, and breed Axies in Lucia. Because tokens have value, players can use them to buy food and pay rent.

Not just Axie and play-to-earn games available to the public

If you want to buy AXS now, imagine that there are also other crypto games that might be popular today. But, Axie is famous because it has long been promoted and built by his community. This project started in 2017. Because it’s popular now, it’s harder to replicate. Due to the continuous development of blockchain technology, every coin that is successful is capable of generating copycats. There is definitely something that can be dangerous in every cryptocurrency because there can be new and better ones that can replace it.

Axie Infinity earns more compared to the combination of the ten most used applications

 According to information from the Unchained Podcast, Axie Infinity’s revenue reached $ 200 million this July. Its revenue is huge compared to other applications. This revenue comes from in-game purchases such as land. Axie charges a 4.25% fee on the purchase and sale of Axie NFTs. It also charges fees for breeding. The nice thing about it is that 95% of its revenue goes back to the players. As a result, many people from developing countries devote a lot of time to playing it.

But, it must be remembered that cryptocurrency is not a stock. When you buy stock in a company, you can earn big and get a share of the profits from the dividend. The purchase of Axie does not own part of the business. The only way to earn here is to increase the price of the token.

The sale of land to Axle broke the record

In February, one player spent 888.25 ETH worth $ 1.5 million to buy nine plots of land in Axie. It was the biggest selling NFT at the time.

Since then, so many people have sold NFT for millions of dollars worth like Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. He sold his first teet for nearly $ 3 million. Because of this, AXS tokens are not the only way to invest and earn with Axie Infinity. For those who want to live in Lucia, you can also earn money by owning digital land and Axie.

To join the game, you need three Axie

If you want to invest, you can buy AXS tokens and wait for their value to increase. But, Axie Infinity is not geared towards those who invest in it. Its community encourages token holders to participate in it.

Case in point, it’s expensive to join here. The price of Axie has gone up dramatically, with the minimum price to buy an Axie being $ 200 or 10,000 PHP already. Players need to spend $ 600 or PHP 30,000 to play. Axie can breed seven times before they become sterilized. Plus, you’ll need two wallets and lots of ETH or Ethereum before you can buy your first Axie.

People are leaving their jobs to play Axie

According to Substack, a crypto newsletter, an Axie player can earn 4,500 SLP per month. At its price today, it is at $ 1,500 or PHP 45,000.

According to Axie, they have over 250,000 Axie players every day. This game needs strategy and time because apart from properly breeding Axis to have great talents, they also need to complete quests to gain energy and participate.

As a result, some people working in the Philippines and Vietnam have left their jobs to play and earn money with Axie. Axie has helped a lot especially as the economy is impoverished due to the pandemic. But, most consider it a supplement to income rather than a job.

The price has risen by over 600% in a month but its value has halved

From June to July, the price of the Axie rose by 600%. On July 15, its price hit a high of $ 29.13 before it fell to $ 14.19 on July 20. But, the AXS is still going up today.

Since all cryptocurrency prices are volatile, large price fluctuations are caused by investors who watch if the coin rises and fear that they will miss it. Be sure to study carefully and look at Axie’s potential in the long run before buying it.

Axie cannot be purchased on major exchanges in America.

Right now, SLP and AXS are not available on major cryptocurrency exchanges in America. Because of that, they are not easy to buy. It is possible to use decentralized exchange but be careful because it is not always available in America. When you buy from an exchange that has no regulation, the risk is high that you will be fooled. Your account may also be suspended if the authorities find out about the crypto exchange.

But, it’s good to watch Axie. It is recommended to understand the crypto gaming industry and the play-to-earn concept before you spend your hard-earned money.

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