New electric motorcycles models To mark Can-Am’s 50th anniversary, the company has announced two all. The BRP-owned brand started in 1973 and has since continued to build high-performance bikes through the 1980s.

Can-Am announces new electric motorbike

Can-Am and their riders won the championship left and right until BRP ended motorcycle production. Now, the brand is making a comeback with a big bang.

In the early 2000s, fans of the motorcycle brand saw. A resurgence in Can-Am’s ATVs and other specialty vehicles. The three-wheeled Can-Am Spyder, but the motorcycles The upcoming electric scooter. Is more in line with its brand and two-wheeled origins.

Above. On March 25, BRP released a 53-second video clip of the new motorcycles on YouTube. It gave fans a glimpse of where Can-Am. Started and where the brand is now headed. its electrical products.

José Boisjoli, president and chief executive officer of BRP. Explained to Electrek that with the motorcycle industry moving to electric power. The company saw an opportunity to reclaim its motorcycle legacy and re-family enter the market.

Boisjoli says that the new product portfolio is important to the company, and it confirms. That the Can-Am motorcycle is the first EV model in BRP’s electric lineup.

Can-Am is an iconic brand that has been part of the memory of many mountain bike enthusiasts. Now, the company is working to release a new product line that will impress a new generation of motorcycle and electric vehicle users.

Can-Am has yet to give out any details about the upcoming electric motorcycle models. The company only says that motorists can expect these new Can-Am. Electric motorcycles are ideal for everyday commuting and that it stays true to the brand’s trailblazing heritage.

Can-Am introduction video

The quick renders in the teaser video show a naked street bike, similar to those made by Zero Motorcycles. Unlike Zero Motorcycles, fans can see a single rear swingarm setup, a large tablet-sized display, and a single-seat saddle.

According to Cycle World, the street bike could become. A smaller format electric motorcycle, which will contribute to the growing trend in North America.

While fans won’t be able to see any close-up shots of the upcoming electric off-road motorcycle, playing. The video with the lights on could help reveal some more clues regarding the bike. kick the ground.

Fans will also get a better look at the next two models. In the up, if the flashes are bright because they’re obscured in the dark in the video.

The announcement from Can-Am doesn’t come as a surprise as BRP recovered the remaining assets and IP from Alta. After the e-bike company was founded in late 2018.

BRP has also committed to electrifying the brand’s various vehicles, from motorcycles. To jet skis and snowmobiles, even showing off prototypes of it.

For fans who are excited about the release of the new Can-Am electric motorcycle, you’ll have.

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