Get Coin Master Free Spins with this coin master trick before they close up shop.

Coin Master Free Spins Using this trick, you can send more than five messages a day

With Coin Master, you can send up to five messages per day to your Facebook friends. Using the two tricks described below, you are however limited to sending no more than two messages per day.

Changing the date of your smartphone is the first step. You can send up to five messages as soon as you change the date to at least 24 hours. You can repeat this trick as many times as you like.

The app can also be uninstalled and reinstalled. The number of cards you can send will increase by 5 once you reinstall the game. Cheats for Coin Master can be used as many times as you like.

Coin Master Free Spins The trick of the two fingers in around

The last attack continues with one of the most popular Coin Master tricks: a two-finger trick to retrieve the treasure from the last slot to attack the other player’s village.

You can guess the last slot by placing two fingers on both remaining options until you open two prizes. Touch both holes at the same time and hold them like this for one second.

Don’t miss it. A hole will be opened with the final prize. Playing too little will not work, so don’t do that.

Coin Master Free Spins: How to obtain them

The world of Coin Master thrives on the spins you make on the slot machine. In addition to being able to attack and loot them, there are shields to protect your village from any other players trying to steal your resources.

Today, you can get free spins on Coin Master

Listed below are the favorites of players and have been tested for your peace of mind.

Visits every day

At least once a day, open the app. Yes, that’s it. As soon as you reach the main screen of the game, you will see a notification that you’ve received free spins from Coin Master. There will also be daily meals for your pet.

Watch the video ad

There are many sports that use this resource because it rewards you for watching the entire advertisement. During the match, these changes occur frequently, especially when you roll.

Completing tasks and participating in special events

In many of these events, everything might be different, but the rewards are remarkable, including Coin Master Free Spins.

You can ask your Facebook friends

If your Facebook friends join through the link you share with them, you will automatically receive 40 spins. If they download the game themselves without accepting your invitation, you will not be able to get the Coin Master Free Spins.

Become more active on Facebook

Although it is not recommended for most, some players prefer creating multiple accounts to receive the file and take advantage of 40 spins. The process becomes much simpler once the application recognizes that the email account is not suspicious or temporary.

Apps that offer rewards (legal)

CM and Spin Link Rewards are two apps that collect tokens filled with different links and free spins. When you download the app and complete your details, you will see day by day how it is updated with more benefits.

(Hacks) Using an app or apps like Lucky Patcher

The use of hacks should be your last resort for obtaining free spins since they are files that are not easy to install for some players and because they are mods that replace the original game, the developers will likely find them and delete your account. When you still decide to use it, keep it for a few days so that they don’t report you and the developers don’t get suspicious.

The symbol for major currencies

You think the fun is over when you have exhausted all your available rounds, and then you get here and find that the tokens are in the Coin Master. Although we often refer to them as “codes,” they aren’t long-phrases of numbers or letters, nor will you find a special option for entering these symbols. Will watch how they link directly.

What is the coin master promo code?

In the game, coins master codes are used to earn rewards, the most popular of which are many free spins, but you can also get coins and spins, normal cards, rare cards, pet food, hammers, and a shield.

Tokens are given by the Coinmaster social network as gifts for special events or dates. You can find all bounty links here at https:// so you can access the gifts in just a few clicks.

Codes take several days to expire, but some are for a limited time, which is why these pages handle the day-to-day code renewal so that you never run out of gifts.

Apps that generate coin master codes

  • CM Rewards (available on Android and iOS)
  • Prize for a spin
  • Spin the link
  • The Pig Lord
  • Spinning master
  • How to find the coin master code

They are not like the typical icons you might use in other games or for discount apps in virtual stores since they are links, and when you click on them, they activate themselves. Here are the steps:

  1. To find the icon, go to one of the web pages or download the apps listed above. It’s important to view them on the same device like the one on which you installed the game.
  2. Ensure the code you are using is active and includes the reward you need.
  3. Wait for a few seconds after clicking the icon.
  4. The website will redirect you to the game app and you will see a confirmation message with the following text: “Congratulations!” Coin Master gave you coins/spins/other resources, followed by the amount given to you.
  5. In the event you do not receive a confirmation message, the code may have expired and no longer be available or you cannot meet any of the requirements to receive it. You will be notified if this occurs.

Verify the links are legitimate and won’t harm your device or game.

In spite of the fact that these game codes come with direct links that depend on the reward and the date, you can verify their validity by verifying that the URL begins with. Each letter and number is followed by a letter at

Without human verification, hacking Coin Master

Checks are often disguised as ad videos, app downloads, or challenges to pass various levels in other games for a reward. In spite of doing all these steps, you’re still likely to get an error, and at the end of the process, you’ll never be able to spin the wheel or receive coins. We have several easy and 100% proven solutions that will work here.

Beginner’s guide to hacking Coin Master

You can use these tricks without human verification if you are new to hacking:

  • Coin Master rewards you every day with coins, spins, etc., but if you change the date on your mobile device in the future, Coin Master will reset the counter and give you a reward again, even if they didn’t give you a reward on that day. On the same day, give it a reward.
  • Coin Master Codes: The same developers distribute free spin codes and collect free coins to different websites users. Once you’ve redeemed your rewards, you’ll see a success message in the game.

Intermediate Level of Hack Coin Master

These two tips can be used to download apps or create fake emails:

  • By creating fake Facebook accounts, you can take advantage of 40 free spins with each of your own friends, so you don’t have to wait for someone to join the app, and you can add yourself to all your newly created accounts. Gifts can be given freely.
  • In-game rewards are available through CM Rewards, Pig Master, and Spin Master. To claim your prize, select the prize you would like to receive and click “Redeem” to open the game automatically and confirm the prize you have won.

Hacking Coin Master Advanced Level

There is a level for those who use the application. I specialize in mods and hacks to manipulate the game to their advantage. The following code generators usually have more steps than the former and similar code generators, but they are most effective:

  1. Happy Mod: This hack site offers a wide range of options from Coin Master, simply follow these steps:
  2. You can find the hack you want by visiting on your device.
  3. Install the file on your mobile device.
  4. Activate the Coin Master feature by opening it like any other app and following the instructions.

How to change a Gold Card to a Coin Master

Among Coin Master’s many features are attacks, villages, prizes, mini-games, cards… the list is endless. One of the most common questions users have is, what are characters? How do they work? Do you know how to change Gold Cards on Coin Master? We’ll show you how.

Gold Cards are what Coin Master offers

They are collectibles that you can find in different parts of the game, they have many collections because there are always nine unique designs, and when you fill the deck with them, Coin Master awards gifts, gifts, and even pets.

As a result, the group that is easier to complete will receive basic gifts, while others will increase the level of difficulty and the rewards you receive.

How does Coin Master deal with cards?

The cards are not absolutely necessary to advance in the game, but the rewards you offer to collect them are valuable, for they help to protect your village, make more effective attacks, or develop your buildings faster.

What do you need to do to get coins in Coin Master

In higher villages, you will receive the best and rarest cards, depending on which village you are in. It is also possible to get it by attending special events or exchanging it with your friends.

Buying chests can give you more coins, which will also help you purchase the letters you need, but we recommend this only if you believe it is necessary to purchase them, as they can be more expensive than a simple exchange.

Change gold cards or any other denomination in Coin Master

The gold cards are the most private of all, in fact, they can only be changed during monthly events that are only for exchanging. There are only two types of gold cards you can exchange during these events.

Through the official exchange group created by Coin Master, you can find out what other players need, and if you have them, you can exchange them for those you need. Nevertheless, many other groups have been formed to complete these changes.

If you have a lot of frequent cards, you can exchange them for chests and, in the chests you receive, more special cards may also appear, so it’s worth trying.

In Coin Master, where to find pet food

To have a lot of active players, coin master gives them many options to advance quickly. They can invite friends, receive rewards just for opening the game every day, or exchange gifts with other players. They reached a new level when they learned that you can also have pets and that they provide benefits as well.

Each Coin Master pet has a specific mission, so you should choose them wisely depending on what you need. The only way to ensure they help you is to feed them and of course, learn how to get food for pets in Coin Master.

What are all the pets available at Coin Master?


Foxy is the one who welcomes you to the game’s animal companions. Activating it is as simple as getting to village 4 and opening the small egg that will now appear under the hole on the main screen.

With Foxy, you can get additional coins or chests when you attack. The aids will be essential to progress no matter what level you’re at.




This adorable pet is ready to accompany you on any attack. So when you have enough hammers and food for Tiger, he can help you get extra coins while attacking.






Rhino will assist you if, for some reason, your village is unprotected or your friends constantly attack it. Because of this pet, your village can take as little damage from enemies as possible.





In Coin Master, where to find pet food

In addition to giving the 3 potions to level up your pet, you can also increase the rewards and benefits you get from them. You can get:

The game is played every day

Food is likely to be one of the rewards since the game rewards you for playing each day.

Play with spins

If you get a chance, run a few bowls until the pet food bowls appear, which shouldn’t cost much either.

Online rewards search

You can get rewards every day by downloading CM Rewards or Spin Link and clicking on the links they show. Do not worry, it is totally legal and won’t harm your device.

You can ask your friends

You can receive cards, prints, and even pet food from your friends.

Buy chests or just food with cards

Whenever letters appear again, you are able to use them to get other rewards in chests, and you will always be able to use real money.

How to find out about upcoming Master Coin  events

The Coin Master events are a great way to get the rewards and resources you need to progress in the game. In some cases, the higher you advance on the leaderboard, the better the rewards. Find everything related to the events here, including how to find out about upcoming Coin Masters events.

What are the most famous events in history?

So far, these are the most common:

The mission of the Vikings

Instead of using the courses to earn resources, you will instead use the in-game coins. Each time you hit the machine “roll” you will earn coins that will stay protected for 3 minutes.


To get the best prices, you must compete with other users to reach first place.

An expert in gifts

You will receive spins, coins, chests, and benefits for your pets when you purchase packs of coins or spins with the “Free Gift” code.

Village of Mania

Here you will find certain discounts for your village items between 20% and 65% off.

Frenzied coin buying

During this event, you will earn more coins and be able to attack and assault more often. The slot machine’s button will be gold when it is active.

An ocean of wealth

You can win this mini-game as a reward for other events. Three wooden chests will contain prizes, and the fourth will contain Greedy Octopus, who will require money for you to continue playing; otherwise, you will be left with nothing.

How do the event rewards work?

If you participate in an event, you might receive coins, spins, chests, or even gold cards.

How to find out about upcoming Master Coin events

Events are usually a surprise, but if you want to be informed at all times so that you don’t miss anything, you can follow these tips:

Activate Coin Master email accounts

As soon as you download the app, you will receive a notification to activate in-game emails. Most people ignore their receipts, but what they don’t realize is that you are notified of upcoming events in Coin Master through these communications, and often times you are given bonus codes already loaded with bonuses.

Follow Coin Master on all their social media accounts

Social networks are the preferred channel for developers to communicate with users, conduct contests, distribute publications, and, of course, notify them of events and tasks.

Use the app once a day

In addition to receiving bonus spins and coins, you will also be kept updated about any new features added to the game.

You can stay up-to-date so that you don’t miss any of the events since they usually occur at any time of day.

Save spins in Coin Master

Although getting Free Spins Coin Master is very easy to get thanks to the options that the game provides, for example when entering the application every day, inviting or giving away friends via their social networks. there are times when we do not have time to use them and do not want That we lose this profit, which is why many are wondering how to save spins in Coin Master.

This is the ultimate trick to save your runs and only use it when you need it, just follow the steps and see for yourself:

Saving spins with Coin Master: What you should know

  1. Use the code you want to use to win tournaments. You can get it from rewards apps, Coin Master social networks, or a website that you want to visit to get it for free. It is important to access it from the same device you installed the game on.
  2. Before clicking on bonus spins, put the device into airplane mode. Deactivate WiFi and data to avoid internet access.
  3. You can now click on the bonus link.
  4. We cannot redirect you to the game app since you do not have internet access, so your courses will not be refunded yet. Because of this, you already know what they are.

Following these steps will reserve your rounds until you activate the internet again and re-enter the game.

It works with all rewards and whatever method you use to claim them, i.e. you can open the game, remove the internet and play without spending the spins that you get daily from the Coin Master Free Spins app. You will see that your daily gift of spins will be saved until you turn the WiFi back on.

Additionally, there are cases in which players win a lot of tournaments by completing missions or participating in special events. You can also save spins for later use, but when you accumulate a lot of spins, the difficulty level will increase. They want to give an advantage to beginners when they find out that you are a frequent player or because you are the event winner.

As you follow these steps correctly, you will find that it works not only with spins, but also with other gifts that you can get in Coin Master: coins, pet food, cards, hammers, and shields.

In Coin Master Ghost mode, attacking someone

The game of Coin Master requires patience. Yes, patience is necessary to build the village step by step, earn coins, and get loot. Even when you have been constructing something carefully in the world is attacked by one of your friends.

That’s why they created “Ghost Mode” which is not an official version but has become popular with users. In stealth mode, you play Coin Master without connecting to Facebook, i.e., you play almost invisibly. In Coin Master Ghost mode, how do you attack someone?

Attacking someone in Coin Master Ghost mode

It is correct that you can attack your friends, but not your enemies. As a result, while your Facebook friend’s Coin Master Free Spins are in ghost mode, you cannot attack their village because an error message will appear while you are collecting coins to upgrade their items.

You can attack the villages of people other than your friends, so that they will be discoverable to you regardless of whether they are in stealth mode or not, and you can take advantage of their weakness.

How to install Ghost Coin Master

As an alternative, you can enter stealth mode by following these steps:

  1. Visit the “privacy settings” section of Facebook
  2. You will see Coin Master in the list of applications and sites
  3. Give the session a delete.
  4. Now you can play the game.
  5. Play as a guest by selecting the option.
  6. It means that you have done the process correctly if you get to the leaderboard and can’t find your friends.

You will be visible to your friends once you log back in with your Facebook account.

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