China copied the popular Tesla Model 3. However, this new version is cheaper than the cheaper Model 3.

This is actually not new as the Asian country is known for its products that are based on American-made models.

From jets, motorcycles and other vehicles, China is quite talented when it comes to creating imitations.

Chinese automaker, Changan Automobile, has showcased its expertise with the new Shenlan SL03.

Many enthusiasts said that this new electric car is similar to the current Tesla Model 3. However, is this EV really worth it?

China copies Tesla Model 3!

According to a recent report from Electrek, the new Shenlan SL03 starts at $26,000. That’s cheaper than the Tesla Model 3, which starts at around $49,000.

Since the new Shenlan SL03 has been officially launched by Changan Automobile, Tesla now has another Chinese EV competition.

Over the past few years, the major American EV maker has already experienced various problems as Chinese automakers copy its electric car designs.

Changan Automobile is not the only China-based technology manufacturer to copy Tesla’s EVs. Recently, Exping also launched a new vehicle with a user interface similar to Tesla.

As more and more Chinese automakers copied Tesla’s technology, so-called Tesla clones emerged, with the Shenlan SL03 being the latest of them.

Design and features of Shenlan SL03

Based on images provided by Car News China, the design of the new Shenlan SL03 closely resembles the exterior of the Tesla Model 3.

Like the original Model 3, the new Shenlan SL03 is also an electric compact sedan. However, instead of smooth and rounded edges, the new Chinese EVs are sharp.

Thanks to that, it has a more futuristic look compared to the Tesla Model. When it comes to power, it can reach between 218 hp and 258 hp, depending on the model.

On the other hand, it also has a 4D LiDAR sensor. When it comes to self-driving features, it uses NID 3.0 and APA 7.0 systems.

If you want to know more about the latest Tesla Model 3 clone in China, you can visit this link.

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