The summer are coming in, the temperature is rising at an exponential rate and since covid situation is under control. Companies are starting offline work going to the office under the scorching sun takes away all the energy and then. Entering your office which is as hot as a kiln is not a fun experience.

Obviously, the most commonly used solution to prevent the office from overheating is to install air conditioners. But as it has been seen many people who are prone to dust allergies easily and ACs can have significant. Increase in their electricity bills. Batchelor Air Conditioning and Refrigeration can however provide energy-efficient models that will reduce your electricity bills for both home and office uses.

This article, we will looking at some innovative ways of keeping your office cool throughout summer season without much effort. These solutions are even effective for homes and for offices where air conditioning is not an option.

Ways To Keep Your Office Cool:

Not all businesses can afford a centralized air conditioning system and there are companies who prefer not to use them. Due to other reasons so, the following are some innovative ways that have been in use way before air conditioning. Came into practice.

  1. Keep curtains drawn – Letting in sunlight is one of the main reasons behind the rising indoor temperatures. Close the windows and draw the curtains to prevent sunlight from entering the room and this will cool down. The rooms effectively use electrical lighting for indoor illumination to get your job done.
  2. Open windows in the evening – The evenings are the perfect time to open up the windows as the cold evening breeze can make way into the room and cool down the interiors. Batchelor Air Conditioning and Refrigeration solutions have mastered the way of recreating the natural evening breeze feel for indoor use.
  3. Use reflective window films – Reflecting sunlight is also effective in bringing down the indoor temperature by a couple of degrees. Attaching a reflective film to the windows can reflect the heat from entering the offices. You can also use heavily tinted glasses to prevent sun rays from entering the room during noontime.
  4. Homemade air conditioning – Place bowls of ice or cold water in front of a regular fan so that the air blown by the fan gets cooled while it passes over the ice and then spreads across the room. This can cool down a small office space quickly and effectively.
  5. Turn off appliances when not in use – Electrical devices can generate a lot of heat so turning them off when not in use can help in reducing the temperature of the room. Also using a separate cooling system for appliances like desktops and laptops can be another way of reducing the heat generated.


There are a lot of different ways which can be used to make sure that the office space becomes habitable for everyone during the scorching summer months. Batchelor Air Conditioning & Refrigeration solutions are one to look out for if you want effective fast cooling at an affordable rate.

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