A collection of tips for improving the workplace & Health Tips For Employees (mental health action checklist). According to the Ministry of Labor (currently the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)’s “Guidelines for Promoting Mental Health of Workers in Business Sites. Management supervisors and occupational health staff promote mental health measures by improving the work environment from their respective standpoints.

Until now, it has become possible to evaluate stress factors. Such as the work environment using “work stress judgment charts”, etc. But how to plan and implement improvement methods in the workplace There was no specific method. A collection of tips for improving the work environment is a newly created tool to propose ways. To improve the work environment, etc. In the workplace to reduce stress and health tips for employees to improve mental health with the participation of employees. is.

In order to develop the tips, the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare Science conducted research.

Research Occupational Safety and Health Comprehensive Research Fund “Research on Improvement. Methods for Work Environments and Support Measures” (Principal Investigator Teruichi Shimomitsu).

Features of the hint collection & Health Tips For Employees

This collection of tips contains ideas for improving the work environment. So that employees in the workplace can participate, reduce the burden and stress of work, and work comfortably and with peace of mind.

In a selective format (called an action checklist). It is effective to use it for group discussions between employees who work together in the workplace.

Each checkpoint covers a number of cases that were effective in dealing with stress. So you can understand the points to look for and the way of thinking about improving the work environment, etc. that suits your workplace.

Precautions for use

This collection of tips does not check the quality of the work environment an improvement- and solution-oriented checklist aimed at finding good ideas and methods for improvement. The purpose is not to inspect the work environment without fail. The purpose is to support the start of improvement from what can be done. Focusing on the important points.

You can make the hint collection easy to use for each workplace by extracting only the items. That is most relevant or changing the order.

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