After being delayed for a few weeks, Snapshot CL 3184 is now making its way to the Dr. Infamy FPS game. This second build of the new online shooter game “DEADROP” includes new features.

Game developer Midnight Society has released exciting new content for its first-of-its-kind vertical extraction shooter (VES) game. Midnight Society revealed its first PVP system and an early look at the game’s inventory management in this snapshot.

DEADROP Snapshot CL 3184 is now live

Back in July, we learned that newly discovered AAA video game studio Midnight Society, by YouTuber Dr. Disrespect, is developing a high-end, NFT-integrated “vertical shooter.” The game known as Deaddrop from Midnight Society, then known simply as “Project Moon”, combines the “scale and scope of a battle royale player count” with arena shooter mechanics.

The second “DEADROP” snapshot is the game’s first attempt to introduce its player to a new PvP arena known as the Proving Ground.

DEADROP Snapshot features a new PvP system

The snapshot announcement shares that new features are also waiting for players in the player’s hideout. In the new Proving Ground, players will compete with other enthusiasts for the ultimate prize, which is dubbed by the game.

Dexerto reports that Proving Grounds will allow players to fight their way through a large, asymmetrical map that has both inner and outer zones.

According to the most recent developer blog, the map also includes a number of keys that can be opened to reveal a total of 12 weapons. There are four different pistol, shotgun, and rifle variants, each with their own stats, characteristics, and recoil patterns.

On a designated special server, this new update will also include guns, loot, and extraction. Snapshot also provided a glimpse inside the garage and improved the inventory management system.

The new garage will also give us a sneak peek at the game’s cool customized cars. In addition, Snapshot includes a HUD that displays health status, weapon status, extraction information, POI information, and other information.

If you want to give the game developers your thoughts on the new snapshot, you can do so here. Because the game is still in its early stages, we can expect more interesting features to appear soon.

DEADROP is the way forward too quickly say critics

Since the announcement of the project in December 2021. The Midnight Society team has completed more than 3,000 check-ins, which included the recently started construction. Many video game developers have warned that DEADROP’s extremely fast game development may have reached a tipping point.

As noted by’s report, Midnight Society faced criticism for its development strategy a few months ago as many developers believed it was developing too quickly to be practical. Now it appears that some of the criticisms have been right after the bidding game was delayed.

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