Instagram announced its “Instagram Professional Dashboard 2022” earlier this year with the aim of helping businesses and content creators make money on the platform. This means that this feature can now help them make a monetization profile.

As the social media app says, the tool is useful when people want to track their performance on IG. Moreover, it also allows them to gain an account This article will show you how to convert your existing account to a professional account. There are also bonus tricks that you will learn in this short tutorial.

Turn your account into a pro account

Here’s a quick guide on how to use Instagram’s pro dashboard.

According to a report by Mashable on Wednesday, February 23, the feature will not be suitable for people who want to keep their privacy on Instagram. This is mainly suitable for users who want to get into business on social media.

You will be guided through the following steps.

Start by opening your Instagram profile.

After doing that, go to the upper right corner and find the icon with three lines. Click it.

Go to Settings.

Search for and tap Accounts.

From there, scroll further until you see Switch to a Pro Account.

Just click Continue.

Click the circle below Show on Instagram Professional Dashboard 2022 Choose the type of business or account that best describes you.

Click OK after selecting a category.

Choose between Creator and Business, then tap Next to move on to the next step.

When you register, you will be asked if you want to be protected from unwanted interactions. For this option, just select if you want it: Not now or Save settings.

Access the Professional Dashboard on Instagram

Besides the opportunity to turn your account into a business profile, we’ll also show you how to access the dashboard. You’ll find important insights, tips, and tools here.

Go to your profile.

At the top of your profile, click Professional Dashboard.

Access your profile details

To see the key engagements on your profile, Instagram Professional Dashboard 2022 you can also take the following steps to identify what you’ve shared since switching to a Professional Account.

Go to your profile

Tap Insights next to Advertising Tools.

Access detailed information on individual posts

There are only two actions that you need to consider for this section.

Go to a specific article. Details can be found there.

Below this post, you will see View Insights. Click it.

In Stories, you can also get access to them. Just swipe up on your Story to continue.

For bonus tips, you can also start a charity fundraiser on Instagram. While it’s not available to everyone, you can refer to the platform’s Help page for more details.

Earlier this year, Tech Times reported that Instagram might be unveiling a feature that would allow users to reorder their posts on the profile grid. Furthermore, clickable links can be added to Stories.

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