Adding D-Mail to Windows Live Hotmail involves setting up A third-party email account in Windows Live Hotmail using Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3). Adding a third-party email account to Windows Live Hotmail is a great way for PC users to manage and centralize their use of email accounts with multiple accounts. A new email address can be added to Hotmail by clicking on the “Add email account” link.

Server certificates for email

Contact the email service provider of the third-party email account you want. To add to your Hotmail account to find out what their email server certificates are. This is important to make sure you configure it correctly and add the email account to your Hotmail account.

If the email service provider has a website, check it out for information on how to configure an email address for POP3 access. It’s helpful to check the email service provider’s website because most providers offer. This information on their websites – and it can save you time, as opposed to contacting the service provider directly. General Chat Chat Lounge.

Log in to your email account

Sign in to your Windows Live Hotmail account and click the “Add Email Account” link under “Manage Folders” on the left-hand pane. Clicking on the “Add an Email Account” link enables you to add third-party email to your Windows Live Hotmail account.

Enter the address and password of the third-party email account that you are trying to add to your Windows Live account in the “Email Address” and “Password” fields, and then click “Next”. This allows Windows Live Hotmail to access third-party email accounts using.

The credentials are provided.

Depending on the type of email account you are trying to add, Windows Live Hotmail may or may not automatically add email accounts. If Windows Live can automatically configure. A third-party account, the account will be configured without you having to enter any.

 Additional information.

However, if Windows Live does not automatically configure the account. Enter the specific email server certificates provided by your email service provider. Such as incoming and outgoing mail server address and port number, “incoming.” Mail server, “and” port “. Field. This information is important to enter because it allows Windows Live Hotmail to access

your email service provider’s servers properly.

Click “Next” to choose whether you want Windows Live Hotmail. To create a new folder for a newly added email account or if you want all email messages from a Windows Live account to go directly to your inbox. This option is important because it helps you better manage how you send and receive emails. Select one of these two options and click the “Save” button. You have successfully added an email address to Windows Live Hotmail.

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