Jogging the eyes of the running strike  Looking out the window of four inches of cold, white, moist snow, my will and motivation ran in the opposite direction. Leave the door and return to the sofa. In the first snowfall of the year, I died on a truck. It was October 13th. Winter comes early in this part of Canada.

If you have a great running season and get there consistently, the last thing you want to do is lose all of that progress and be late all winter. I don’t want to be full of regrets, cookies, and cocoa in the spring. I was able to keep my dream of running alive, so I want to take a step forward!

But for us in the winter, it’s not easy. Especially if you live in Great White North like me. It’s already below freezing here every morning. I don’t want to let the run happen by chance. This is my plan. You can overcome the cold weather, get out on the other side and still run to reach your fitness goals.

Let’s start with the easiest and quickest fix. The physical side of the cold.

Jogging the eyes of the running strike  Get the right gear I want to be as comfortable as possible and be able to go in any condition. I need a few more items to keep warm, so I’m going to buy gloves, a toque (stocking caps for Southerners), a new windbreaker, and some sweaters.

The best item for me is a thin and windbreaker. I don’t wear bulky clothes.

My biggest purchase will be new shoes with extra grip. Jogging the eyes of the running strike  I would probably pick up a pair of Merrell trail runners to replace worn-out reliable shoes.

Jogging the eyes of the running strike  Make a backup plan

What if it’s too cold? Is it worth running at -30 ° C for a week in a row?

No, it’s not. That’s where the dread mill comes in.

Due to world conditions, it is uncertain whether gyms and fitness centers will open. I think some facilities will be available this winter. Currently, there is a fairly decent drop-in plan gym available nearby.

Maybe you can access the treadmill or have it in your home. In that case, really bad weather can’t stop you!

But here is the biggest challenge: mental and emotional

The gear and convenience are great, but it’s your heart that really keeps training you. You can have everything else, but if you don’t have goals and determination, you won’t leave your home. So how do you stay motivated?

One of the best ways to get going is to set a goal and keep it in mind. This must be personal and specific. Is there an event you would like to attend in the spring? Is there a personal best you are working on and want to beat? What about friends who want to run together to stay active throughout the winter? If you don’t want to be left in the dust, you may want to get out there and get over the cold.

It’s a little easier to keep running, remembering that I want to participate in a particular marathon next year.

I want to say yes when my friend Luke invites me to run for some events and helps him train at pace and long runs. I wouldn’t say yes if I sat down all winter and earned £ 10 while he continued training.

The reason these goals need to be specific and personal is that they need to bring some emotions into you. Without feeling, they don’t mean things.

Jogging the eyes of the running strike  Make a note of that goal!

Do you have some goals in mind? The personal best you want to ride under your belt? What race do you want to participate in? Who are your friends who want to run with you?

What about your general health goals? Entering the holiday season in a great way may mean that not all food and drinks go straight to the waistline like every other year …

If anything comes to your mind, write it down. Write it on a piece of paper and post it on your monitor in your home, maybe in the fridge or office where you see it.

Accountability can be the best tool to get things done

A great way to stay motivated is to tell people what your plans and goals are. That way, you’re more likely to be accountable to them and follow through.

This may be as easy as letting your friends know that you are running with him or them. You can also pre-register for the event and post the date on Facebook. I put it on the refrigerator door, so I may be informing my family.

My motto is to grow up or go home. So I’m posting my goals here for everyone to see. Now I am responsible for all of you!

My running goals for the winter of 2020

I want to participate in the marathon in 2021 and finish the race. The longest mileage at the moment is 10 miles (16 Km), which is steadily improving. To reach this goal, we will run through winter regardless of the weather. I continue training the Mufftene method and use slow running to build endurance.

If it’s too cold to get out or you can’t control the distance you need, run inside with a dread mill.

Complete at least 3 runs each week.

Complete a virtual race once a month with Runkeeper. This is separate from my normal practice.

Let your friends and family know about my running plan.


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