The secret to making money Not only are they famous for their intelligence, the Jews are also the race that has produced many billionaires in the world such as Larry Ellison, Michael Bloomberg, Michael Dell,… So what’s the secret to helping them become so rich? Check out this article now!

Did you know, 11.6% of the world’s billionaires are Jewish? So how did they become such elite individuals?

Certainly, their innate intelligence cannot be denied, but to maintain their wealth, they also need other factors such as life skills, business intelligence, money skills,… No someone who makes quick money does not care about these factors. Just grasp the following 10 Jewish secrets, you will surely become a master in The secret to making money in financial management, helping your property to flourish.

The secret to making money Earn more than save

Make more money before thinking about saving. Reading this verse, you must think of an ancient story that has been passed down orally by the Jews until now.

There is a question that Jews have always passed on from generation to generation: “What do the poor need most”?

And received a lot of answers “Need money most”.

But the answer is not so.

They need the most DESIRE TO MAKE MONEY.

Indeed, saving money is not equal to making money. Only if you earn will you dare to spend, you don’t have to fast to save, so you only save for hunger and disease. Many people only complain about their low income without any mention of what they have done to increase their income? That’s why their life is stagnant with an income of 5-6 million/month. In fact, those who dare to spend money, have the ambition to be rich, they will be motivated to make money.

The secret to making money Accumulate rather than keep money

The Jewish people believe that money should not be left to rest, but must always find a way to “make money”. With endowed intelligence and sharp mind, Jews use capital to generate more profits through investment. The second, easier way, they will bring money to accumulate for idle profit.

For those who do not have much business or investment experience, accumulation is the best idea to earn more money. Nowadays, accumulating money has become more convenient than ever. You do not need to go to a transaction point, but the application right on your phone will

help you recharge to accumulate according to your needs. Typically, the Than Tai Bag on MoMo, a product of Finsight Joint Stock Company, invested by TVAM, is deposited at Vietcombank. With just a few steps of registration, less than a minute, you can easily top up money in the God of Fortune Bag and be sure to receive interest, up to 6%/year especially, Than Tai Pouch returns the interest to customers on a daily basis and allows customers to withdraw money for free at any time. You can also withdraw money to MoMo to pay for thousands of services quickly and conveniently. If you are a new customer, you can learn more about the Magic Bag here.

The secret to making money Keep the original capital

There is a notion that as much as you can enjoy, there is no need to worry about the future. Most of this concept comes from a part of young people, they choose to live lavishly in the present, while the future slowly continues.

This is in stark contrast to the Jews, who think that they can lend each other rice, but cannot bring out the seeds to eat. It is necessary to make money to make money, money is like a seed to make more money, so they do business very carefully, do not waste money, avoid using money for meaningless things.

The core of “holding the original capital” is to keep the capital firmly and from there to develop with larger capital. That is also the basic principle in generating cash flow!

Wisdom is the key to success

It is not wrong to say that intelligence is the greatest asset of man. Wisdom nourishes people, helps us to expand our narrow vision, knows how to control our own emotions to do great things.

In the marketplace as well as on the battlefield, it is admirable to use your mind to earn genuine coins with wisdom.

3 months business

There is a concept that Jews always adhere to that is: “No matter what product you trade or trade in, it takes at least 3 months to persevere and pursue your goals. In those 3 months, even being bullied. Even if you lose money, you have to work hard.”

In business and trade, if you want to reap the sweet fruits, you have to go through difficulties and hardships. Don’t find it difficult but start getting discouraged, good results all start with effort and persistence. Maybe in those 3 months is the opportunity to produce the biggest opportunities of an investment.

So, to make a lot of money, you have no other way but to rise up with your mind, patience and time you spend on that business.

Tips 1 + 1 > 2

Reading this far, you must be wondering why 1+1 > 2. A small example of the following family in Israel will help you understand better:

The father said to his son: “Let’s turn a pound of copper from 200,000 to 300,000. Instead of just leaving plain copper, you should turn them into valuable items such as: keychains, handrails. doors, other decorative items. Let’s change the product type to increase the amount of money.”

The old boy soon became a famous big president.

That’s right, the real value does not lie in the thing itself, but in how people know how to use their mind and intellect to make money. Like the story above, when everyone thinks that 1 + 1 = 2, you should stick to your opinion 1 + 1 > 2.

Cherishing time

Time is a depreciating asset. So you should cherish every second, every moment. Like the Jewish concept: Money can be saved, but time cannot. How much money is left in my pocket is well known, but how long the remaining existence of humans is, no one knows. It is because of that strictness that they do not let time go to waste. We ourselves also need to value time like the Jews, don’t let every second and minute go by without doing something useful, friends!

Expand relations

Our forefathers used to say that:

“Walking with a monk wearing a kashāya, going with a ghost wearing a paper shirt”

“Staying with tigers will learn how to hunt, staying with frogs will only see life through the bottom of a well”

The above proverbs have accurately reflected the key to success in business, the more good relationships there are, the more opportunities there will be to make money. Especially for the elite, learning their views, thoughts,  and ways of thinking will make us more and more developed. And it is true that there is a saying: “Which layer of clouds is suitable for that layer of clouds”. You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

Balance spending

Don’t think that getting rich just needs to live austerely, save as much as possible. Abstain from food, drink, and don’t need to spend anything to become rich. The Jews proved it completely wrong. The secret to making money  They still spend money on food services to ensure their health, buy medicine and take care of their homes, improve their quality of life, and invest in their children’s education.

The Jewish people are averse to doing business in the “all-you-can-eat” style. Just one failure is enough to make all your efforts go to the river and the sea. Therefore, they are very careful in doing business to get rich because they believe that business is a long-term accumulation that cannot be successful in a day or two.

What we are worth learning here is: money should be spent at the right time. In the right place, so that money can be produced!

Live frugally

To be thrifty is to use rationally and properly material possessions, time, and energy of oneself and others. Knowing how to spend money is not enough, but you need to know how to save money to get rich.

For example, We should not order excess food that leads to waste of food, but what we need instead of what we want, spend on expensive items, race to get home. technology,…

So, living and working with diligence, saving and investing correctly will make you money faster than ever.


If each of us knows how to learn from the Jewish people to learn the secrets of making money. We will surely make money quickly Let’s immediately apply the above views from the Jews with MoMo to make the dream of being rich like them come true, friends! Wish you soon success on the path you choose!


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