Meta launches the Metaverse culture series with the virtual exhibition. I Am a Man’ With a fierce eye for the future and more specifically the virtual reality landscape. Meta soon adopted an escapist digital art form with a thriving exhibition. Set inside Meta’s Horizon World social VR space, launching in December. The “I’m a Man” exhibition features a complete 3D sculpture dedicated to the history of Black Culture.

This is the first of its kind for Meta

A new canvas set is found in the virtual and still theoretical metaverse, in which the tech company hopes. To showcase a variety of culturally-based exhibitions. of the same ilk. Created by VR sculpture Gabe Gault, “I Am a Man”. Tells the story of various events of the 1960s in Black history.

Using Meta’s Horizon Worlds and its VR-based toolkit, Gault created a Meta art exhibit that will primarily “pay homage. To Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks. ‘I Am a Man,’ I Am a Man Airmen, and Tuskegee Airmen, “read Meta’s own description. The exhibition will take place and be open starting Tuesday, February 22, perhaps through the end of February. However, Meta has not specified when the exhibition will close.

As previously mentioned,

“I Am a Man” is the first of its kind for a culture-based metaverse artistic escape. In which Meta will expand through the Metaverse Culture Series. The press release describes. These upcoming concepts as “a more accessible entrance into the future of technology for historically excluded communities. Ensuring diverse cultures and perspectives are weaved. Into the fabric of the metaverse.” It has a certain ring to it.

To kick off this new series, Meta launches the Metaverse enlisted. The helps of eight different creators through the Horizon Lab to explore how the metaverse. It can help elevate Black culture and creativity coming to the form of “Black Future”.  Their overall discussion was clearly announced. The roundtable includes individuals that include members of the press. Such as journalists Danielle Young, Philip Lewis of HuffPost, and Rashaad Lambert of Forbes. As well as artists in general, such as Gault, actor Jay Ellis, and Photographer Paris McCoy.

It’s clear from this new installment that the Meta doesn’t slow down. A decimal in terms of boosting it into the metaverse. Its social platform, Horizon World, seems poised to raise. The bar and the overall equation around expanding the metaverse, as 300,000 users have filled its virtual space.

Thus, Meta’s Horizon Worlds seems like

The main stage for the quest for total Meta launches the Metaverse domination, which art exhibitions, social gatherings, movies, games, and entertainment.  All kinds of Other minds will thrive and find value in a cyberspace ecosystem. What remains to be seen, however, is what forms of security and moderation tools. Meta will deploy to prevent disaster, as witnessed in Fortnite’s largely negative MLK tribute.

The company didn’t say when or what the next art exhibit’s attraction would be announced and related to it. But Horizon Worlds users will still have “I Am a Man” to experience for a while longer.

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