Another successful NFT project. This time, it’s the official game based on the F1 NFT “F1 Delta Time”, which was discontinued three years after its launch in 2019.

Kotaku reports that this shutdown comes after the first announcement of the closure on March 15. But in reality, the original shutdown date was the next day, March 16. This is the announcement. extremely short for users who may have spent a lot of money on an Ethereum-based game in the three years since it went online.

The main reason for the shutdown was simple:

Animoca, the owner of the NFT game, could not renew the official F1 license. That’s it. It was one of the first licensed NFT games to be released, which puts in place the fact that all non-fungible tokens bought and sold during its lifetime are now void. value, because the game they were using no longer exists.

Fortunately, the game’s developers are doing what they can to ensure that players don’t go away empty-handed. Those who have purchased all licensed F1 NFTs will be scheduled to receive so-called “universal replacement tokens”, which they can intentionally use for another racing game.

Among these tokens are Alternative Cars that players can use for another game called “REVV Racing”, which is also another NFT-based game that is still in the works. But the specific types of alternative vehicles that “F1 Delta. Time” players will receive will depend on the “rarity and power” of the cars they own in “Delta Time”.

Another thing the developers offer is the opportunity for players to exchange their “Delta Time” cars for a Race Pass. This card can be used to access “future NFT money and airdrops” and bet, whatever that means.

“F1 Delta Time” was launched by Animoca. In March 2019 and one of its first big sales was a token called 1-1-1. It was purchased by token collector Vignesh “MetaKovan” Sundaresan. At the time for 415.9 ETH (about $1.4 million at the time of this writing). As reported by Aside from that, it also gained a bit of fame with a non-fungible token that sold for $288,000, with proceeds going. Towards recovery efforts following the Australian Bushfires in 2020.

Are there any other NFT games that go the way of ‘F1 Delta Time’?

Many people are reluctant to admit that today’s NFT is a polarized and controversial market. Firstly, it has become infamous due to all the scams and “rug the rug” that have defrauded a lot of people out of their hard-earned money. This is why this fad has been met with a lot of harsh criticism, especially in the gaming industry.

Even some NFT and crypto-focused content creators aren’t too fond of blockchain-based games like “F1 Delta Time.” Here’s a video from the YouTube channel On Chain Gaming, discussing why games for money are “so lousy by far”:

One of the arguments in the video points out. To the recent demise of “Delta Time”: not all NFT game projects will survive. That’s right, he mentioned that most of these will be clone cat games. Only there to help their creators make a quick buck by primarily doing Show the carpet pulling scams.

Rug-pull is simple: get a lot of people to invest in your blockchain-based game, make them. Believe you’re setting something up, and then disappear without explanation – take it with you. money by your side.

The only difference with “Delta Time” is that at least it won’t abandon. Its old players by providing other avenues to ensure that their tokens won’t lose too much value.

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