Paylocity adds  SCHAUMBURG,  – To help companies meet challenges in the remotest, office, or hybrid work environments of team engagement, retention, and productivity, Paylocity is launching a community. Plus, it adds enhanced connectivity and collaboration features.

To the community, it’s an online social support center. These new features enhance the experience of existing employees that are included on the Pilosity platform, designed with both HR professionals and end-user employees in mind. Paylocity is why clients are increasingly connecting with their employees. To the community to connect with their colleagues and teams – and this adoption has had a significant impact on both company culture and business results.

Community is an integrated part of the Paylocity platform. That organizes communications, strengthens collaboration, and promotes a culture of engagement. That is not possible through traditional email, ancient Internet, or other widespread communication channels. All Paylocity clients have free access to a basic level of community. Including a company feed, discussion group, peer identity, user profiles, and directory search capabilities – features that are already beneficial to HR professionals and employees.

New premium capabilities announced today are available as a Community Plus for an additional cost and include:

One-on-one and multiple chat functionality to improve real-time communication;

Ability to upload, create, edit, and share files:

Automated creation of team groups for supervisors and direct reports immediately. Add or remove employees based on changes as employees, and which help new teammates easily connect with ice breaker questions;

Updated user profiles to list topics of interest, team members, education, skills or hobbies for employees; And

Directory and advanced capabilities of advanced people to easily find, follow, and engage with collaborators.

Build new community plus features at great speed

Two years since its inception, Paylocity clients have grown rapidly and increased the use of their community:

In the past year, overall employee engagement has increased by more than 56%. In the form of job announcements, employee visits and posts, reactions and comments, with employee comments up over 150%.

Within 180 days of implementing Paylocity, organizations generally find that approximately 30% of their employees. Actively use the community to exchange messages, ideas, and comments.

Among customers who use Paylocity the most, Peer Identification shows “viral options” with the number of employees gaining public recognition, with their peers generally increasing by more than 500%. Within 180 days of applying.

Making the work feel like a community

As part of the most complete platform for the modern workforce. The community helps employees meet critical workforce challenges, including The Great Resignation, changing workforce demographics, and mobile and hybrid work. Fast shifts to include.

Employee experience has never been more important, as evidenced by recent research from MIT Sloan Management Review, which found that corporate culture is 10 times more likely to contribute to employees’ departure than company compensation. Great.

“The modern workforce expects a lot more from their employees,” said Steve Beauchamp, Co-CEO for Velocity. “Employees want payroll, benefits, and performance tools that are easy to use, but more than that, they want a personalized experience that is flexible enough to meet their needs. That’s why we are using the Paylocity platform to build employee experience. In every area of ​​the field – from text to mobile to mobile time enrollment.

To discussion groups providing on-demand payment and built-in video capabilities, velocity collaboration, communication, and connection – with traditional HR and payroll systems. Not just designed to meet those needs, which is ironic because an HR system should really be about the employees they claim to be serving.

Many customers use communities to change communication channels that either do not reach all employees or are ignored. It quickly becomes the only source of updates for all companies, linking employees to locations, even those that are without desk or completely remote.

Mountainside Fitness

A series of high-quality health clubs, introduces Community Plus features for its 1,400 employees. “The community is already a great asset to our company. It allows our team to connect with each other in ways they have not done before, but it has come naturally to them.

With chat performance, and file support, we can bring our communications to the surface, “said Robyn Klawitter, SVP of Human Resources at Mountainside Fitness.

“Our employees are not at their desks all day so communicating on their mobile devices is important. We recruit a lot of young people, so make sure we have technology that fulfills their lifestyle, it’s important to attract and retain talent. Our process Our staff posts messages about company updates or even location-specific updates. So the community has really become a great way to get in touch with our employees.

The community has also been proven to positively impact employee engagement and business outcomes based. On the Data-Based Paylocity Model Workforce Index (MWI). Artificial intelligence is awaited for patents and based on 30,000+ client best practices, MWI provides an organization’s overall health score, performance standards to colleagues, and recommendations designed to improve performance and employee engagement.

General Chat Chat Lounge Companies using the community show higher employee sentiment and overall MWI scores. More importantly, companies with higher MWI scores also experience an average of 15% + fewer disruptions and faster under-count growth.

About Paylocity

Schaumburg, IL, Paylocity ۾ Headquarters (NASDAQ: PCTY) is an award-winning provider of cloud-based HR and payroll software solutions. Founded in 1997 and publicly traded since 2014, Paylocity offers an intuitive. An easy-to-use product suite that helps businesses automate and manage HR and payroll processes.

Attract talent, and Maintain, and interact with, the culture and their employees. Known for its unique culture and one of the best places to work consistently, Paylocity builds great workplaces on the journey with its customers and helps all employees achieve their best.

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