Samsung’s virtual assistant Speakers claim Samsung Sam’s looks may not be real: Here’s Lightfarm’s basic story.

Samsung’s supposed virtual assistant Sam is arguably one of the most popular features on smartphones right now. It all started after many people were able to get the photos developed by Lightfarm.

Speakers claim Samsung Sam’s looks may not be real: Here’s Lightfarm’s basic story

Because of this, several leakers and other sources announced Samsung’s Sam on the internet. However, is her 3D look real or just a hoax?

One of the famous Samsung leakers stated that everyone should stop waiting for her because Sam can’t really come.

“Okay, so how many of you still believe that this Virtual Assistant Sam is actually something?” said Twitter user @sondesix.

The Samsung leaker added: “Wake up before I start one of yours”.

As of now, his latest tweet has been able to generate various comments from Samsung Sam fans. One of them even said that if the mobile assistant’s 3D virtual design doesn’t come out, that would be bad news.

Samsung Sam’s 3D skin is not official

According to the latest report of Polygon, the leaked images of Samsung‘s 3D virtual assistant are not official. This design is actually developed and polished by Lightfarm, a well-known design company.

Speakers claim Samsung Sam’s looks may not be real: Here’s Lightfarm’s basic story

Lightfarm has confirmed that it did a 3D rendering of Sam for one of the marketing companies owned by Samsung. However, the giant smartphone maker did not use Sam’s female variation.

Since Samsung doesn’t incorporate Lightfarm’s work into any kind of campaign, the digital design company decided to remove it from its official website.

Since several leakers and others have been able to get their own copies, the 3D appearance of the popular virtual assistant is still dominating the Internet.

Sam is also Bixby?

Screen Rant reports that Sam and Bixby are two different virtual assistants. Several rumors and other reliable sources also suggest that Sam is not a replacement for Samsung.

The tech giant insists that the new Samantha Samsung is not developed to replace its current virtual assistant. The iPhone competitor added that Sam is actually a chatbot from the Samsung Services team.

Samsung explains that Sam works through one of the popular social media platforms, such as Facebook Messenger. The company added that the chatbot is an auto-responder to consumer questions and queries.

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