For PS4 users, getting started PS5 auto-capture with capturing a perfect screenshot of a photo or a clip is quite laborious. However, Sony recognizes this inconvenience and has created an easier and simpler alternative to this one.

PS5 owners can now take advantage of this new automatic photo capture feature. The Japanese console maker announced its official launch on Wednesday, February 23 in several countries around the world.

The PS5’s auto-shot feature is finally a reality

Sony has announced that it will eventually roll out the PS5 game capture feature in a few countries including Japan and the US.

Last month, Tech Times discovered a report that Sony would be releasing a PS5 screenshot feature that would allow users to “automatically” load saved media into their smartphone’s photo library.

The official PlayStation App allows you to do this. However, the article suggests that it will only be available to users in the United States. However, fans had been waiting for the feature, but it didn’t arrive in January.

This time, we’ve officially seen Sony’s announcement of the “gradual” rollout of this much-awaited feature on Twitter.

“We’re slowly rolling out the ability to share your PS5 auto-capture game captures through the PS App in more regions! Americas first arrives, with more countries coming next month,” Sony tweeted. this Wednesday, February 23 along with a link that will direct you to its website.

This Game Capture feature gives users more freedom in storing their screenshots in their preferred location. Whether it’s a camera roll or not, they can also share them on social media platforms. Alternatively, they can send them instantly to their computer.

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A PS5 capture game is slated for deployment in selected regions

In a Tech Spot report, Sony will bring PlayStation 5 auto-photography to select countries first, primarily in the Americas.










El Salvador








How to enable PlayStation 5 Auto Uploads to the PS App

CNET wrote in its article the simplest set of manufacturers that Sony fans should follow if they want to use this Auto Capture feature.

Get started by downloading the Official PS App. On the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Make sure to sign in to your account and connect the app to your next-generation console.

After linking it, go to the application.

Go to Captures Library and select Enable.

On your PlayStation 5 console, go to Settings.

Click Captures and Broadcasts, then click Captures. Just remember to enable Auto-Upload first.

It is expected that Sony will roll out this feature to more countries when we start in March.

Meanwhile, the company confirmed that it will announce PS5 auto-capture its latest FPS game “Shadow Warrior 3” on the PlayStation Now gaming service next month. It should be noted that this subscription service was created to match Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass.

According to the Japan-based company, it will now follow what Xbox Game Pass has to offer so far, which is the first launch of the day for its title.

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