Tesla’s wall connection has raised the price of its electric vehicles but on March 17. The automaker decided to exempt one of its popular products, the Wall Connector.

The price of the Tesla wall connection has dropped

Tesla’s Wall Connect used a home charging station and the car company’s Destination Charging Network. This is a very popular charging station because of its price and power delivery, according to Electrek.

For years, the product sold for only $500, making it one of the cheapest home charging options on the market, with a remarkable 11.5 kW/48 amp output.

Tesla’s wall connection Connector has gone up to $550, as with most Tesla products, especially electric vehicles. Along with other car companies, Tesla has come under supply chain pressure that has affected its price.

While $550 is not a significant price increase, many customers note that the difference can be felt.

Currently, Tesla is slashing the price of the product to $4955 in an update to its online store. At that price point, the only other competing chargers when it comes. To price points are home stations like the Grizzl-E Level 2 EV Charger.

As the primary solution for home electrical charging for Tesla buyers, the Tesla Wall Connector is very popular. Thousands of units have been sold worldwide.

To give it a different look, Tesla has released a new charging mask that matches the car color of 2021.

Tesla increases its prices

On March 15, Tesla decided to raise the prices of its electric vehicles. In the United States and China after the company’s CEO Elon Musk warned of inflationary pressures on the business.

The automaker has raised the prices of all its models in the United States. In China, the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y versions have increased in price. This is the second increase of the week, according to The Verge.

Tesla did not provide a reason for the price increase. When contacted by CNB, the auto company did not respond immediately.

But Musk claims that Tesla and his space company SpaceX have seen significant inflationary pressure recently on raw materials and logistics.

Materials like nickel,

A key component of Tesla’s electric vehicle batteries is on the rise. Meanwhile, outbreaks of COVID-19 cases in China and closures in several cities have added challenges to already strained supply chains. Important components such as semiconductors are still in short supply.

The Rear-Drive Model 3 is available now for $46,990 down from its original price of $44,990 The Model 3 Long Range is currently priced at $54,490, down from its original price of $51,990, according to CNBC.

The Model 3 Performance is currently priced at $61,990 down from its original price of $58,990 The Model Y Long Range is now $62,990 off its original price of $59,990.

Tesla‘s wall connection Model Y Performance is currently priced at $67,990 compared to its original price of $64,990. Model S Dual Motor’s original price of $94,990 is now $99,990. From its original price of $129,990, the Model S Tri-Motor is now available for $135,990From its original price of $129,990, the Model S Tri-Motor is now available for $135,990

 The Model X Dual Motor’s original price of $104,990 has grown to $114,990, and the Model X Tri-Motor is now $138,990 from its original price of $126,490.

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