Thetan Arena is described play To Earn NFT Game ed as a blockchain-based eSports video game, it allows players to gather their friends, create teams, and compete with others in a competitive environment. During the game, players get rewards for developing and applying their skills within the gaming experience.

In this multiplayer battle arena game category, players have to acquire characters as inadmissible tokens (NFTs) to enable them to engage in virtual battles. This way, each player can earn tokens known as Thetan Coins that can be used to get other NFT items needed. In the meantime, a second token known as Thetan Gem will be used as the management token.

One case of using $ THC is donating to game streaming services. Streamers may be helping create content for the game. It can also be used to contribute to top contributors within the community, using their custom mode.

Play To Earn NFT Game The Gameplay

You can watch the gameplay here. The native language is Portuguese, but the subtitles are in English.

This game is free to play and it incorporates the competitive elements of MOBA (e.g. Dota, League of Legends) and Battle Royale (e.g. Fortnite) games. These are the two modes that players can pinch or choose and Thetan Arena is now actively gathering user feedback to enable the general community to select the next battle mode.

Thetan Aren a’s long-term vision is to be a market leader in its category and give players and participants a unique decentralized gaming experience to earn gaming.

Its games are centered around player inclusion and participation, trying to actively incorporate player feedback into them and make community participation a priority.

A team of seasoned gaming and technology veterans founded this game. They understand the intricacies of blockchain-enabled gaming. CEO Khanh Nguyen spent approximately 7 years developing the game as part of Wolf Fun Studio. Play To Earn NFT Game In this area of ​​work, he works with other members of the founding team.

Overall, Thetan has a well-rounded team with complementary skill sets and backgrounds. Each co-founder has a deep understanding and exposure to blockchain technology. Today, more than 50 Thetan employees support the founding team.

Thetan Arena Model Game

The game developers at Wolffun have big plans before the game.

As of 2022, Thetan Arena will offer battle royale mode, token staking, and new guild quests. Until then, players will be able to access the alpha testing phase of this game ready to use.

Designed using a free-to-play model, the game allows everyone including non-crypto-people to easily download the game from any app store and play. This makes Thetan Arena unique compared to other P2E titles that require early purchase, creating a barrier for non-crypto-people to use.

Since this is the first in MOBA/ Battle Royale and among the first free-to-earn games, the team hopes this game will enjoy mass adoption. With such adoption rates, Thetan Arena could introduce GameFi to the rest of the non-crypto world. You can earn NFTs by playing this game.

The Roadmap

Beta testing of the marketplace and NFT item (PC and Android) will begin in the third quarter of 2021. A special event will take place in Q4 2021. During this time, the Thetan Box and Thetan Coin were launched.

Developers say more events and milestones are on the way. This game will be ready for public use in the first quarter of 2023. So far reports from the testing phase showed that This game is popular in the market. So far, more than 500,000 users have downloaded this game launched in October 2021.


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