Veo unveiled the Apollo, its latest light electric bike as reported by Electrek. However, this is a unique 750W model because it is a two-seater that can transport passengers or cargo.


The Apollo has a 400-pound weight capacity with a dual-purpose design. With its design.

 It can travel more cars. As mentioned, electric bikes can carry more loads. It is designed in response. To rider surveys, feedback from municipalities, and global research conducted by the Micro Mobility Company. The goal is to help reduce car dependency and help cities reach their climate goals.

Apollo’s motor can be engaged by the rider’s pedaling action. This means the rider still has to do some work to get the bike working. It is a board, which is important for hill riding. However, it will not turn into a high-power motorcycle. Instead, the board is limited to a top speed of 15 mph, which is great for travelers who don’t ride often. The second seat in the Veo Apollo makes micro-mobility a reality for many people.

Veo Apollo is expected to launch in early 2023.

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The Micro Mobility Industry

With the increasing popularity of electric mobility devices, the country and some cities are becoming more dependent on their cars. The increasing cost of driving cars has made the concept of “last mile” solutions more reasonable. For example, if people need to go from the office to the metro station or from their home to the grocery store, the last mile solution is an option to get their hands on and own a car.

However, solutions like car sharing or carpooling are not exempt from their problems. For example, carpooling requires the driver to be at the pickup location at the exact time, which is usually not possible. Other issues include driver schedules and additional fees for carpooling in some areas.

This is where micro-mobility solutions like Veo Apollo come into play. With an affordable electric vehicle, people can easily travel from one place to another. Apollo can be parked anywhere, which makes it more convenient than a car.

Veo Apollo has been unveiled. This is the goal that many cities want to achieve to help with environmental issues and climate goals. wow

Founded in 2017, Wave is known for developing. Its own cartoons, which sets it apart from its competitors. Also, the company worked on the Apollo e-bike from scratch. Are you excited about their latest eBike model? Let us know!

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