watchOS 9 updates the Compass app on Apple Watch to a new and improved version. It now brings new useful features that significantly make wayfinding easier than ever.

Apple has finally rolled out the new version of WatchOS. To millions of Apple Watch users in different parts of the world.

While the various performance improvements and bug fixes. In the new update make the overall experience much smoother, there are also some interesting new features to look out for.

watchOS 9 update Compass app on Apple Watch

To be more precise, one of the most notable changes in the new watchOS 9 update is the improved Apple Watch Compass app.

In fact, according to a recent report from Mac Rumors. Apple introduced the much-hyped AppleWatch Ultra while flaunting a new and improved Compass app on the smartwatch.

And now, the iPhone maker has finally rolled out the all-new WatchOS 9 after months of testing in the beta phase.

It’s currently available in various Apple Watch models, including the Series 5 and newer releases, as well as the budget-friendly SE variant.

However, it is worth noting that the wayfinding feature only works on Series 6 and later releases.

But that doesn’t mean that Series 5 users are no longer getting the latest version of WatchOS. It just means that they are missing some important features due to the limitations of their older wearable devices.

Also, the new WatchOS 9 update brings the new Compass app to eligible Apple Watch devices.

According to a recent report by 9to5Mac, the new Compass app now comes with a specially integrated search feature.

The new Waypoints function allows Series 6 and later users to view an analog compass, as well as a digital view of directions.

Compass app: Hybrid and zoom view

In addition to the new wayfinding feature. The popular tech giant reveals that its updated app now allows users to find a more comprehensive view of various information. This is thanks to all the new view options on the Apple  app, such as hybrid and zoomable views.

The zoomable view essentially allows users to get a closer look. At various compass information, such as longitude, latitude, elevation, inline, and bearing, Mac Rumors notes in its report.

On the other hand, the hybrid display offers both analog and digital display, allowing users to see more useful information.

Apple Watch Ultra Way points

As mentioned, the all-new rugged version of the wearable device, aptly named the Apple Watch Ultra, rocks the new Waypoint feature.

What sets it apart from other Apple Watch variants is that it sports a new action button, allowing users to create waypoints even when they’re offline.

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