A small amount to bring the most benefit? Must have a huge amount of money, have to invest in a monumental project, have professional knowledge, have to accept great risks, And with a salary of only 5 million – 10 million monthly. How do you save until you have 500 million, 1 billion, and 2 billion to invest?

 But in reality, investing is not something out of reach but now there are many investment options. With small amounts such as savings, online sales.

a small amount to bring the most benefit Playing securities or investing in open-ended funds. 

In particular, savings is a very popular and convenient channel because only an amount of 500 thousand – 1 or 2 million / month can be deposited in a bank with an interest rate of about 5% – 6.5%, but the small amount  at this point, you will know how many years you will need to save to get an amount of money for your future plan, not to mention if there is an unexpected job or risk, how much will you still have at the time you need it?

Online sales are a booming channel today, especially young people racing to sell all items from the smallest items because only capital of 5 – 10 million is possible but if you are so conservative, the profit is very little, not to mention. The fiercely competitive market, it will take a lot of time to promote products, interact, support customers. Effort, money, will you maintain a stable profit this channel is not really suitable for people who work for a salary with 8 hours at the company and come home to be busy taking care of their children and family.

With stocks or open-fund investments, you only need to spend an initial capital of about 5 million but not spend money to make a profit. You also need to research, learn expertise, monitor the fluctuations of the market. school to have an improvisation plan.

While the group of people who have a salary and have a family, want to invest with a small amount of capital and have to ensure a financial source for their family’s backup while saving time on investment speaking of which, many people probably. Ask the question: So which channel to invest in with a small amount of capital but bring the most benefits?

a small amount to bring the most benefit Each investment channel has its own advantages

 Is suitable for each person’s wishes at each moment, but to meet all of the above wishes, life insurance is the most suitable investment channel life insurance is not only an accumulation channel for unforeseen risks. As everyone knows, but also an investment channel for everyone.

Currently, insurance companies are constantly launching new investment-linked insurance products.  Which completely meets a perfect personal financial plan including protection, savings, investment.

 A small amount to bring the most benefit Most recently, Manulife has officially launched the product Manulife – Investment Pillar, a comprehensive financial solution with 2 parallel plans:


Comprehensive protection up to age 85 with high denominations but competitive fees.

Increased protection for the whole family with 10 complimentary insurance products included.


Increase income and save time.

Flexible investment with diversified investment portfolio.

High liquidity, can buy and sell Fund Units depending on demand.

Accordingly, there is no need to have a large amount of money. No time to invest, just spend a few tens of thousands of daily contributions to the insurance fund, you can feel secure with a backup fund to protect your family against any kind of risk. Risk, can fulfill future plans with a safe accumulation plan and easily invest with support from investment experts.

So don’t hesitate to start your investment plan today with Manulife.


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