Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is both a digital cryptocurrency and a payment network. In December 2017, Bitcoin Cash was created as a result of a hard fork. The system was designed to process more transactions.

The official website of Bitcoin Cash describes. It is “point-to-point electronic cash for the Internet, completely decentralized, without a central bank, and without entrusting a third party to operate.”

Blockchain forks are not uncommon in Bitcoin and other digital cryptocurrencies, but generally speaking. Finally, a decision is made on which blockchain to use.

A token currency will be introduced if there is no agreement to retain both blockchains. Bitcoin Cash will be the result.

Bitcoin Cash Reason For The Hard Fork

Is that people have different opinions on how to best increase the block size limit. Developers, investors, and some influential Bitcoin “miners” have begun implementing the SegWit2x protocol that was originally scheduled to be implemented when Bitcoin went live in August 2017.

Some people who opposed it later created Bitcoin Cash. Advocates of Bitcoin Cash believe that is closer to the original idea of ​​Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. It is said that this unidentified person, (or a group of people), secretly set a limit of 1MB.

However, Satoshi Nakamoto also said, “If necessary in the future, this can also be changed.” He (they) predicted that as network speeds increase and storage costs decrease, the block chain may not damage the decentralized currency. Expand on the premise of the concept.

Since its creation, Bitcoin Cash has become the most successful branch of Bitcoin. Roger Veer is an early adopter and important investor of Bitcoin, and one of the admirers of Bitcoin Cash. He calls it the “real Bitcoin”. Veer is often called “Bitcoin Jesus” and has been an important supporter of Bitcoin since 2011. He believes that Bitcoin is a way to promote economic reforms. Later, he began to support  because of its lower transaction costs and faster speed.

Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin are two different cryptocurrencies. What’s the difference?

We already know that Bitcoin Cash is the result of Bitcoin’s hard fork. In other words, although there are many similarities between the two, there are also important differences.

Block size

One problem with Bitcoin is that as Bitcoin becomes more and more popular, the speed of processing transactions becomes slower and slower. This is because the size of each block is limited to less than 1MB. The SegWit2x protocol had hoped to increase this limit to 2MB. In contrast, Bitcoin Cash does not have SegWit.

Increase the block size to 8MB to speed up transaction processing. Depending upon how the cash block performs in May 2018, block sizes might be increased again.

Due to its ill-fated implementation, many Bitcoiners have given up on SegWit2x.


Bitcoin Cash uses a different hash algorithm. In other words, it is impossible to replay the two blockchains as before. If splits in the future, the replay, and destruction protection plan are ready. By analyzing the situation this way, it can be asserted that if a fork occurs, the two chains can exist simultaneously, and no harm is caused to all parties.

Emergency Difficulty Adjustment (EDA)

Bitcoin Cash uses a new algorithm that can ensure the normal operation of the blockchain when the number of miners changes drastically. This helps to add extra stability to digital cryptocurrencies.

How to trade Bitcoin Cash?

When you buy in a transaction, its price is usually based on U.S. dollars. In other words, you need to exchange U.S. dollars for one unit of Bitcoin Cash.

Because Bitcoin Cash can be exchanged for more dollars than when you bought it, you can sell it at a profit if its price rises. If you are ready to sell when the price drops, then you will suffer a loss.

On the CMC Markets foreign exchange trading platform, you can conduct bitcoin cash transactions through a CFD account. In this way, you can predict the price trend of without actually buying encrypted digital currency. You don’t need to have ownership of it. Instead, the price of your open position will increase or decrease based on the price movement against the U.S. dollar.

Trading CFD accounts are leveraged. This means that you need to pay a percentage of the total transaction volume as a deposit for opening a position. You don’t need to directly buy with all your assets at once. On the contrary, you can access a larger amount through the initial deposit. Leveraged trading expands the return or loss because they are based on the total amount of the position.

Why use CMC Market’s foreign exchange trading platform for transactions?

Establish long-term or short positions*​

A CFD account allows you to trade both when the price rises and when the price falls. For transactions in other encrypted digital currencies, it is impossible for you to sell to us (short position) without holding Bitcoin Cash.

Efficient use of assets

Leveraged trading means that you only need to pay a deposit that is a small percentage of the total transaction amount to open a position. In mainstream encrypted digital currency transactions, you need to submit the total contract amount as a deposit. Be aware that both profit and loss will expand, and you may lose more than the deposit paid for opening the position.

No trading account or Bitcoin wallet

Unlike buying basic digital cryptocurrency, you do not need to open a trading account or wallet to hold the digital cryptocurrency you have purchased. this means that the transaction permission does not need to wait for the transaction permission, the wallet security does not need to worry about whether the wallet is safe or not, and there is no charge for revoking funds.

Trade with established providers

CMC Markets is a regulated provider. We have 29 years of industry experience and can support customers at any time of market opening.

Trustworthy transaction

Digital cryptocurrency is new to most people, and it is extremely unstable. We hope that our customers can obtain in-depth training materials that will help them conduct transactions.

What are the factors that affect the price of Bitcoin Cash?

The price volatility of Bitcoin Cash comes from several factors, including:

The Bitcoin hard fork created scalability to change Bitcoin’s slow transaction problem.

Buying Bitcoin Cash may be worth more if the scalability issue with bitcoin remains.

Regulations: Like other digital cryptocurrencies,  is currently not subject to government and central bank supervision. But how this will change in the next few years, and the impact on value is still unknown.

Supply: The total amount of Bitcoin Cash is 21 million (same as Bitcoin). Limited supply may affect its value.

Competition: Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin, as well as several other digital cryptocurrencies, are in direct competition. This may limit the popularity.

Media: Public perception, safety, and longevity may also affect its price.

Adoption: Currently, businesses and consumers have not widely accepted Bitcoin Cash as a payment method.

In the future, blockchain technology may become widely popular, but it is not a given.

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