The centric symbol (¢) is used when referring. To a certain number of cents when writing about US currency, usually when dealing with less than $ 1. You can type the sign on most computers running Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS, and you can find the mark on it. The keyboard for Android and iOS smartphones. If all else fails, you can find the Saint’s Logo online and copy and paste it into your message or document.

The Unicode Standard and St. Sign

The cent sign is a commonly used symbol for the word cent, most commonly used in price lists and advertisements for smaller than $ 1. For example, 52 cents can be written with 52% plus $ 0.52. It is also used in other cent-like units in other currencies, such as Mexico Santos.

It often looks clearer than the cent sign for dollars. To the dollar with the preceding zero amount instead of using the cent sign. To write the price in cents. The problem is that the sign of the coin is not often found on the keyboard, meaning that pressing. The key labeled on the keyboard cannot be typed properly.

However, it is part of Unicode, an international standard for representing text on computers, smartphones, and other digital devices. This means that most modern machines can display a cent sign, and there are ways to digitally insert it.

Saint Sign on Microsoft Windows

In most programs on Microsoft Windows, you can type the cent sign by using the Alt code. For every signature, meaning a numeric code that you type when you press the Alt key on your keyboard.

The alt code for this symbol is 0162, so you press Alt and type 0162 to enter the cent sign.

If you do not know the Alt Code for a cent sign or any other centric symbol you can access it using the Windows Character Map utility. To open this program, click on the search box in the Start menu or on the taskbar and type Character Map, clicking on the result that pops up. Search for a list of characters by scrolling or typing in the center’s search box. Use the tools provided to copy the character to your computer’s clipboard and then paste it into another program.

You can also find the desired symbol name in a search engine such as Google or Bing and copy and paste it from the web results.

Mac OS X St. Sign

You can type cents on Apple macOS using the keyboard shortcut. Hold down the Option key on your keyboard and press the number 4. This key also has a dollar sign ($), which may make it easier to remember if it is related to the US currency.

For general characters when you do not know the keyboard shortcut, use Apple’s built-in Character Viewer. Pop it up by holding down the Control and Commands keys and pressing the space bar where you want to insert the symbol.

Search through the menus for the centric symbol you want using the search box or scroll through the list. Click on the symbol you want to insert into the program you are using. If you want to use a token again, then open Character Viewer or copy and paste it.

Using Saint Sign on a smartphone

Many keyboards for iOS and Android smartphones give you access to the sign of the cent.

On iOS and Android devices, press and hold the $ sign to access other currency symbols on the virtual keyboard, including the cent symbol. Tap the cent sign or any other currency sign you need.

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