White hat SEO is the best way to increase your website traffic, visibility of websites, and rank your website on the Google engine. There are three types of SEO but most SEO experts and people use White hat SEO, Black hat SEO, and Grey hat SEO. White Hat SEO means it is a legal way of SEO.

Black hat SEO means it is an illegal way of SEO and it goes against the standards of Google Search engines. Grey hat SEO is the combination of both SEO such as a  and black hat. In this article, we will know the difference between a hat and a black hat SEO.

What is white hat SEO?

White hat SEO is a type of SEO, in contrast, is strategies that are targeted at an audience of humans, as opposed to trying to manipulate an algorithm of a search engine. A good strategy will be focused specifically on as well as quality content and links as the mainstay of their strategy.

These are techniques which use in white hat SEO.

  • To use appropriate keywords, keywords analysis, keyword search, and research about your niche.
  •  Write meta descriptions while uploading content on websites and use meta tags for searching on websites.
  • To create blacklining to websites that are valuable, and relevant, and to upload content for people on high-authority websites.

Black Hat SEO 

Black hat SEO is also the type of. It is related to the hacking of computers generally. Because of this, Black hat SEO means using shortcuts and techniques to increase google search engine rankings that violate the rules of search engines.

It mainly focuses our attention on the search engines only and does not relate to how people interact with websites. Black hat SEO is the type or strategy of SEO that is used to do SEO and to solve. The problem of SEO of websites and to cheat the Google search engine for ranking. Black hat SEO easily increases your website but it also invites the threat of search. It violates the laws and rules of algorithms which can be dangerous to websites.

Techniques which are used in Black ha SEO. 

  1.  Use keyword stuffing means a lot of words use the same keywords in the content.
  2. To build links and to use links in text in a hidden way and also use hyperlinks.
  3. To comment on blog posts.

Difference between White hat SEO and Black hat SEO.

The main difference between them is legal and illegal. White hat SEO takes time but it is for a long time and no threats are available for it from search engines. But Black hat SEO is shortcut SEO for your website which increases your website traffic quickly but it does not for a long time. And it also violates the rules and laws of search engines which can be dangerous for your website. Google search engine mostly closed websites due to black hat SEO. So these are the differences.

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