Pacman 30th Anniversary is becoming a fan favorite due to its simple, fascinating, and colorful graphics. It’s a sequel to the original game from the 1980s. This game provides the same fun as the original. 

It’s never been hard to find fans of Pac man games. Despite the young generation, there are many old fans, that are still devoted to the game. It’s been more than 40 years but still, the game is popular. Yet Pacman is one of the most successful characters of all time.

We know that you love getting chased by those ghosts in the game but have you thought about Why it’s so popular? We’re here to tell.

So today, we’re going to focus on the Pac man and the reason behind its success. Also, Why do you need to play the google doodle Pacman 30th Anniversary game now? So hang tight fellas.

1. The Simplistic Design and Easy To Play.

In almost every successful title of Pacman, Simplicity has played a great role. It’s a simple maze game where you have to survive as long as you can.

The game offers a straightforward design and gameplay. This means there’s no need for any instruction. You will understand all the mechanics by yourself.

Here, the game is available on the web page. It can be a phone Pc or a laptop. This game provides complete arcade fun with Pacman 30th Anniversary full screen.

Although the game seems simple, it gets hard when you proceed in the game. So both a newbie and an Expert can have fun in it.

2. Colorful Interface and Exciting AI.

Besides the game’s simplistic and user-friendly design. The colorful interface has also gained a lot of notice. The colorful ghosts and yellow-colored Pacman seem a lot charming. 

The people see all these colors and get attracted. As soon as they play the game. The AI welcomes them.  

The AI makes the game much more interesting. As you get chased by the ghost the thrill increases the excitement up to the peak. The ghosts provide a different experience and act differently with the position of the player. So things can get hard as you can’t predict their next move.

As you progress in the Pacman Anniversary Game, AI makes things more complex.  You can’t deceive the ghost in the higher levels. Also, the speed of the game increase which makes it harder to decide the next move. So for each kind of player, the game never gets boring.

3. Addiction to Achieve Higher Score.

Once you get the hang of the game. Things will become easier for you. So many players, try to overcome their last highest score. Most players are always more eager to achieve a higher score than the last one.

To achieve more scores you need skills and luck as well. For each time you try to achieve your highest score, the more you get addicted to this game.

For each level, you can make a higher score by eating the dots and the ghost as well. The possible score in each round can be 15,000. So players want to get the highest possible score in each level.

4. Nostalgia.

As Pacman is around us for 40 years. The game offers the same experience each time you play. So we always like to get those nostalgic moments from the game. This factor makes the player come back again even after a long time. To celebrate such an amazing game google has offered the google Pacman 30th anniversary on its website. 


The Pacman is a great game to play. Besides all these reasons, many psychological factors make us come back and play.

There’s no denying that the game is one of the most successful arcade games. It’s attached to many lives till now.

Hope you like our review on the title, keep playing the Pacman anniversary 30th.

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